Sandy Hill has been offering overnight camp experiences for boys and girls ages 8-16 since 1995. Each year, we ask our campers and parents what sets their Sandy Hill Camp experience apart, and here is what they say!

Top 9 Reasons Why Families Choose Sandy Hill

#9 - So Many Activity Choices

Each camper receives a custom schedule based on their preferences from our list of over 40 different activities.

I love the fact that each camper can chose their own activities and be able to personalize their experience for what they like whether that is outside or inside or doing sports.
— Anna - Windsor Mill, MD

Activity Choices


The Waterfront

#8 - Waterfront Location

Not only does it make for a beautiful backdrop to camp, but the waterfront is home to some of our most popular activities: waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing.

Sandy Hill has a very cool waterfront which means there are a lot of really fun water activities.
— Tyler - Potomac, MD

#7 The Right Distance from Home

Not too far from home - less than two hours from DC, NOVA, Baltimore, Lancaster, Wilmington, & Philadelphia.

It’s close to home and has the week long programs for kids who don’t want to or can’t commit to longer stays.
— Christine - Bethesda, MD


One-Week Sessions

#6 - Short-Term Overnight Sessions

One-week and two-week residential sessions for campers with busy summer schedules and for those not wanting to be away for an entire summer.

Having a one week option is great for kids who are nervous about camp for the first time.
— Andrew - Kensington, MD

#5 - Great Food!

Last summer, in their after-camp survey, campers rated the camp food 3.7 out of 4 with over 80% of our campers giving our camp food the highest rating of “Great!” Click here to learn more about our menu and our accommodations for special dietary needs.

Food was great and if you didn’t want the main choice, there were many other options.
— Ryan - Wayne, PA

2018 Camper Food Survey Results


Top Notch Facilities

#4 - Top-Notch Facilities

In 2018, we added our new Lighthouse Center and completed a massive restoration of our waterfront area. Come see them for yourself at our next camp tour!

Always amazed at how organized and well-kept everything is. The new lighthouse building is a beautiful addition. Congrats!
— Gail - Gaithersburg, MD

#3 - Attention to Detail

We believe that focusing on the many details that make up each camper’s experience helps us achieve our goal of positively impacting lives through camp. Sandy Hill is a place where everyone matters!

It feels like my kids experience is a priority. My husband and I find almost everything has been thought through by the staff, everything is well communicated and it helps us feel good about our kids going to sleep away camp. From the before camp info, to the packing, to the kids’ activities, the online photos, the support and care shown to each of my three kids is great. There is an attention to detail that is extremely comforting.
— Ellen - Wynnewood, PA

Attention to Detail


#2 - Staff from Around the World

Each year, our staff is made up of folks from more than 20 states and 15-20 countries outside of the U.S.A.

I love having counselors from different countries!
— Jordan - Ellicott City, MD

#1 - Quality of the Staff

We believe that the heart and soul of the Sandy Hill Camp experience is the relationships that are built between campers and staff. Learn more about our staff here.

Genuine feeling you get from all staff that they want to make it a great experience. Everyone is pleasant and the process is excellent.
— Kathy - McLean, VA

Our Staff