You have a lot of options for what you can do this summer. So why might you consider working at a summer camp?

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Top 8 reasons to work at camp!

  1. Make a difference in someone else’s life - do something that matters!

  2. Have significant responsibilities and learn real-world leadership, life, and team skills

  3. Make lifelong friends and future job connections with staff from around the US and the world

  4. Earn a good salary ($3,000+) and actually keep most of it!

  5. Travel to new places and experience new cultures

  6. Live and work in the outdoors

  7. Learn how to work with kids

  8. Have a lot of fun and new experiences

Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training and enrichment opportunities in a fun and rewarding outdoor setting regardless of your college major. Future employers will tell you that camp counselor experience translates into excellent management and personnel skills - skills that are essential in nearly every field at every level.

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But what if:

  1. I need to build my resume…OK. Camp does that. Potential employers are looking at a resume and more importantly for an employee and team member that has proven experience:
    - Working with a diverse group of people
    - Working in a team
    - Providing great customer service
    - Demonstrating leadership skills
    - Demonstrating grit and problem-solving skills
    All of these are a huge part of the camp experience.

  2. I need to do an internship…we are happy to help you make your camp experience count toward your internship. We have worked with many colleges to help students make this work in majors such as nursing, media, music, business, education, psychology, social work, and more.

  3. I need to make money and camps don’t pay much…how about $3,000+ for a full summer with nearly no expenses. Compare that to what you would make at a “regular” job…and don’t forget to account for all of the expenses that you may have if you are not at camp - gas for your daily commute, movie tickets, meals out, entertainment, etc. and maybe even food and rent.

  4. I want or need to take a vacation with my family…it is usually possible to miss one week of the summer and still be hired. You just need to work out the timing with our staff director.

  5. It’s hot and a lot of work…well, yes it is. Sorry on that one. Did we mention the part about the great tan?…