Retreat food is great food!

All meals are prepared on-site and are served buffet-style in our camp dining hall. Sandy Hill's food has a reputation for being plentiful, kid-friendly, and delicious. Please see the lists of typical meals below.


Sample breakfasts:

  • Pancakes, syrup, pork sausage, fruit, vegetarian sausage

  • Scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, jelly, orange wedges

And at every breakfast: a yogurt station and a variety of cereals



Sample lunches:

  • Individual cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, pretzels, apples, rice-krispie treats

  • Deli Tray: ham, turkey, rolls, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles; potato salad, corn chips, peaches, veggie burgers

And at every lunch: a salad bar and fresh fruit.



Sample dinners:

  • Fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls, butter

  • Spaghetti, marinara sauce, meatballs, steamed vegetables, dinner rolls

And at every dinner: a salad bar and fresh fruit.


Meal Times

Standard meal times are 8 AM, noon, and 5:30 PM. These times may be adjusted by request. In the case of multiple retreat groups, we will coordinate mutually agreeable meal times whenever possible. 

Groups are not permitted to cook their own meals.

Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

We can accommodate vegetarians and campers with nut and gluten allergies with prior notification. If you have specific questions about special dietary needs, please email our Food Services Coordinator at or call our office at (410) 287-5554.