Individual start dates are based on your position and whether or not you are scheduled for any of the Specialty Trainings listed in the first section below. In general, most staff are at camp from early-to-mid June through mid-August.

Specialty Training Week

  1. Waterfront Training - June 5-13; includes lifeguarding and either canoeing, sailing, or waterski training

  2. Equestrian Training - June 5-13

  3. Ropes Training - June 5-13

  4. Program Staff Training - June 5-13; includes camp band, chorus, and skit staff

  5. Creative Arts Training (International Cooking, Photography & Crafts) - June 11-13

  6. Archery Training - TBD

  7. Kitchen Training - June 13-14

All-Staff Training Week - June 14th to 21st

Individual start dates are based on your position and whether or not you are scheduled for any of the Specialty Trainings listed above. Staff Training Week from June 14-21 is mandatory for all first-time full-summer staff. 

During the Summer - June 23rd to August 16th

The first day campers arrive is Sunday, June 23rd which begins eight week-long sessions and four two-week sessions that ultimately finish on Friday, August 16th. Sessions begin on Sunday afternoons and end on Fridays afternoons.

Staff reside at camp from approximately 1 PM each Sunday until 6 PM the following Friday. 

Unlike most other camps, you have many of your weekends off (click here to learn more about weekends off and camp-sponsored Staff Trips). Exceptions are the first weekends for training and every other weekend if you are part of the two-week unit. 

End Dates - August 16th or Stay for Additional Post-Camp Work

The last day of campers is Friday, August 16th. For most staff, this is also their last day. If you are interested and your schedule permits, some staff are offered the opportunity to stay after camp to help with retreats on an as-needed basis. Some staff stay and work for a few days, others for a few weeks, and other for even a few months.


Counselor pay is $3000 for the full summer for first-year Counselors and Support Staff based on your qualifications and position. Some staff earn additional money for weekends and/or pre- or post-camp work. International staff are paid slightly differently based on individual travel and visa requirements. American staff receive their pay by check or direct deposit to their bank account. International staff are paid by check or deposit to a pre-paid credit card. Pay is higher for licensed medical staff, returning staff and Leadership Staff. 

Room and board is free
 for all summer staff. Almost all staff members live in cabins and lodges with the campers. Some Leadership Staff are housed in staff or family housing. Meals are provided, and the food is great!