The health and safety of our 600+ campers and staff each session is our top priority. We have an excellent safety record, and we do our best to be prepared for a variety of possible situations. We hold numerous county and state licenses for our camp, conference center, kitchen, pool, beach, and equestrian center, and we choose to be accredited by the American Camp Association. Our staff go through a rigorous training period before campers arrive as well.

Medical Staff


Our modern, air-conditioned Medical Center is located in the center of camp. Our onsite health staff is made up of two registered nurses and three medical assistants for each weekly session. These staff are responsible for administering medications and first aid to our campers and staff. If campers need more advanced medical care, we use an urgent care located 10 minutes from camp in the nearby town of North East, Maryland. The nearest hospital to camp is Union Hospital in Elkton, Maryland.

Camper Medications

By Maryland state regulation, ALL camper medications including over-the-counter, prescription, homeopathics, and vitamins are kept with the Medical Staff.

Emergency Preparedness


In our 20+ years of running camp, we have experience with many different types of emergencies. We work hard to be prepared and vigilant to keep everyone safe. Although we do not publish all of our emergency resources, here is a list of some of them:

  • Communication systems including hand-held radios, public address systems, and auto-dialers

  • Emergency power generators

  • Emergency potable water and septic storage

  • Underground emergency shelter locations for the entire camp

  • Ongoing relationships with local emergency responders

  • Video camera surveillance system

  • Onsite weather station and local weather alerts

  • 60+ first-aid and CPR trained staff

  • Onsite medical equipment and supplies including an AED and oxygen